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How good Hainan is?The latest policy dividend interpretation, you want to get on the bus

Release time: 2020-09-18 Source: admin Number of views: 1,145

In order to understand where the investment opportunities in Hainan are, we must first understand what the policy says。The first is that by 2025, the entire island will be closed and implemented with zero tariffs。What's an island-wide lockdown?That is to say, the whole of Hainan is sealed off。

In the past, we only had to go through customs when we went abroad, but in the future, we may have to go through customs when entering and leaving Hainan, and we need to pay customs duties when importing foreign goods。But Hainan has zero tariffs, so it means that it will be very cheap to buy imported goods in Hainan in the future。So the state gives each person a tax-free allowance of 100,000 yuan per year, which makes Hainan a shopping paradise。In addition, there is a policy that roughly means that if the local enterprises in Hainan province directly process the duty-free imported raw materials into commodities, as long as the commodity can increase the value of 30% than the raw materials, then it can be regarded as Hainan local products in the mainland sales are also duty-free。

For example, the original tariff on beef is 25% to 70%, but if you process beef into beef jerky in Hainan and sell it in the mainland, the profit margin will be very large。Therefore, because of this policy, it is likely to make the original industrial base is very weak Hainan into an industrial developed province。

In addition, Hainan is not forbidden to enter, what is not forbidden to enter?Usually we have a negative list of things that can't be done, but Hainan's negative list is the shortest in the country, as long as there is no explicit rules on what can't be done, then you can try。This means that investments that have not been introduced in other places before may be easier to land in Hainan。Like university hospitals and so on。

In addition, since Hainan's policy is so good and the future opportunities are so good, is it possible that we can go to Hainan to invest and buy a house?But before this, Hainan actually had two similar historical opportunities, but those two times ended up only rich real estate developers。Therefore, Hainan is still very poor, and the economic size of a province is almost the same as that of a developed city. In fact, this term of the Hainan provincial government has learned a lesson and publicly stated that it will strictly control real estate。

In addition, you will say whether we can fry Hainan concept stocks?But now the quality of this batch of Hainan listed companies?In fact, we all know that,A lot of companies have historical baggage,So if you have to do it,You said I had a high appetite for risk,All right then,Just remember that you're a short-term bet,His long-term investment opportunities may not be so good,In the end, how can we better enjoy the policy dividend this time?Perhaps the best choice is to go to Hainan to start a business, work or live。

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